2 Only Ways to Earn Money from Blog without Lose your Readers

If you have your own blog, it's probably a good idea to make money from it. But it is a critical question, because you can't lose your visitors. Banner ads are really enoying, and pass your PageRank too. If you want to manage a profitable and organic monetized blog, you only have 2 ways to do that. Use these together, and maximize your income from your blog!


You will get monthly prices, without counting the click-ratio!!!
With a few 100 posts your can make quite a good money with TextInLinks.

This is a great opportonity to make money from your blog. You only have to install their script. The script will place links in your content on keywords and phrases (if you don't have links on them). They have the highest CTR, because it doesn't seems like an ad, and readers notice them while reading! The relevancy is extremely high. It wont pass the PageRank, and gives informative and useful ads for your readers.

2, Link Bucks

This is a great way to make money from your existing links. Your can replace links with their, and linked sites will apear with a small advertisement. It's different than other networks, because your reader don't have to click on "skipp advertisement" button, and they will see the linked site.

They also have a script to intall. You can customize everything! It doesn't pass PageRank of course.

How to use Twitter's auto and back follow hashtags 45+ to get more followers

Twitter hashtag is a unique feature of twitter. It's good for tracking conversations and group activity. Hashtag is a simple word after the "#" character like this: #twitter.

Hashtag is simple link to the latest tweets, that contains the hashtag you clicked. If you use hashtags, you will have more readers and it keeps you under the radar!

But how can you use this to get more followers?

1, Follow those who will auto back follow you!

This method is the easiest way to get more followers on twitter. There are lots of users who will automatically follow you, because they need followers too. They use some auto follower tool, to do it automatically, and it's the best for you, because you will be followed almost instantly.

How to find these users?

There are so many hashtags that used for this reason. All you have to do is to follow those, who use these hashtags. Here are some of the most popular auto and back follow hashtags to get you more followers:


#InstantFollow   #AutoFollowBack   #IFollowBack   #InstantFollowBack   #TeamFollowBack

After you follow some of the users under these hashtags, check your followers list, and notice, they will follow you back in a few minutes.

Important: Do not unfollow these users, or they will unfollow you as well...
Also notice, that there are users who don't follow back. Check the followers/followings ratio first! ;)

40 more hashtags here. Please share and bookmark this if you like, because it's a very new blog, and it needs support to provide more quality content!

  • #teamfollow

  • #TF

  • #teamfollowback

  • #INST

  • #followme

  • #FollowFriday

  • #TAF

  • #GFB

  • #MustFollow

  • #FollowBack

  • #followall

  • #sougofollow

  • #followmejp

  • #AutoFollow

  • #Follow4Follow

  • #F4F

  • #AFB

  • #500aday

  • #FF

  • #FollowAgain

  • #TFB

  • #100ADAY

  • #1000ADAY

  • #IFollowAll

  • #FollowNGain

  • #followdaibosyu

  • #followcircle

  • #JustFollow

  • #GoFollow

  • #FollowNow

  • #teamautofollowback

  • #TAFB

  • #teamautofollow


  • #followbacksquad

  • #IFB

  • #FollowNow

  • #GoFollow

  • #Quickfollow

  • #followrapido

  • 2, Use these hashtags to get followed

    If you include some of these hashtags in your tweets you will have some bonus followers. If you use this method i suggest you to use some auto follow tool too, to make it easier for you.

    Not use an auto follow tool with Twiends at the same time!

    3 new free twitter auto follow community to get more followers and become followed!

    If you have your social network, it's important to have lots of followers on twitter too. One way to get some, is join to an autofollow or backfollow community.

    I create my 3 new twitter follow group. Free to join. The easiest way to get some bonus followers.

    The members of the group is join to get friends, and interested in social marketing. You just need to start build connections. ;)

    These people are the best community to start with.

    Follow those people, whose twitter profile link is mentioned here (on the wall of the fan page):

    they will follow you back!

    Like the fan page to get acces to leave your profile link on my wall to get followed!

    Here are two other page like this:

    11 Tips and Tricks to use Twiends to get more followers, fans, video views with targeted audience - Free

    If you need big amount of twitter followers, facebook fans and youtube video views, you need services like Twiends. This allows you to exchange followers, fan page likes, video views.

    The system allows you to earn credits with become a fan on facebook, follow somebody on twitter or watch a video on youtube.

    These credits can be used to get followed, fanned etc...

    The best feature is, that you can set your own price, you pay for activity.

    I collected 11 tips to set up your account, to produce you a big amount of the best quality targeted audience, totally organically, fast and without connecting with any bots.

    1, Registration

    I suggest you to do not register, but sing in with twitter, that allows you to get +40credit from twiends to set your name and email details later.

    2, Account connections

    Before you connect your facebook or youtube accounts to the twitter account you logged in with, notice that you can't change this connections, and can't add a Facebook or YouTube profile to other twitter accounts.

    They says, that when you delete the connections, it will be available at others to use but its not true.

    3, Personal interest

    On the main page you can configure your personal interest. If your social accounts have links to other sites, that you manage, your personal interest tags should be your sites keywords.

    Check the counter behind the tags, because you can select only 5!

    After you set this, you will be followed mostly by users, who are interested in your content's topic.

    4, Support Twitter via Facebook

    This is the best strategy to get readers for your site.
    • Disable your facebook account under preferences (don't need to pay for likes)
    • Like some pages with twiends
    • See who follows you on twitter

    Advantages of this strategy:
    • You get more credit with likes then with follows.
    • On facebook you will not be disturbed by fan page's updates, because you don't see them in your time line as often as your followings on twitter's time line.

    5, Support Facebook via Twitter

    The best way to get fans.
    • Enable twitter and facebook too.
    • Set the twitter price: twitter price = facebook price - 1

    This will help you to have fans without to fan anybody. It's good when you create a twitter account only for this reason. Nothing will not appear in your facebook timeline.

    You have to enable twitter too, but lower price, because you will need followers, or twitter don't let you follow! Due to the lower price, you will get more fans then followers.

    Don't follow more than 350-500 user per day, or twitter will marked you as spam!

    6, Avoiding twitter bots

    Under twitter preferences you can set your follow price, and the preferences of people, who can follow you. To avoiding pay credits to bots, I suggest you to set the drop rate as seen in the following image:

    It reduces the number of followers who would automatically unfollow you! (Don't waste credits!)

    7, Filter by location

    If your site has advertisements based on location, it's hardly recommended to check this option.

    8, Membership length

    Membership length parameter is not have enough wide scale to provide better quality users by using it. I use this parameter:

    9, Price strategies

    I think the ideal price for a facebook fan page is 4, but after 150-250 fans you have to change it to 5 or 6.
    For a twitter account the best price for start is 3, later when less followers join, you can change it to 4 or 5.

    If you give too low price, less fans will join a day!
    Too high price wastes your credits!

    10, Select users

    Don't only follow and fan users in your interest, add some others too, to use organic seo and have better results!

    11, Refresh

    Refresh often, because, the high seed users are on the top of the list!

    These are the the top 11 tips of using Twiends. I hope it helps you!
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    The best 11 strategy how to use Twiends to get more followers fans and video views

    Twiends is one of the best friend adder services on the entire web. You can read the best strategies, tips and tricks to use it. Not fake voucher codes! Only read it if you really want more followers!

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