2 Only Ways to Earn Money from Blog without Lose your Readers

If you have your own blog, it's probably a good idea to make money from it. But it is a critical question, because you can't lose your visitors. Banner ads are really enoying, and pass your PageRank too. If you want to manage a profitable and organic monetized blog, you only have 2 ways to do that. Use these together, and maximize your income from your blog!


You will get monthly prices, without counting the click-ratio!!!
With a few 100 posts your can make quite a good money with TextInLinks.

This is a great opportonity to make money from your blog. You only have to install their script. The script will place links in your content on keywords and phrases (if you don't have links on them). They have the highest CTR, because it doesn't seems like an ad, and readers notice them while reading! The relevancy is extremely high. It wont pass the PageRank, and gives informative and useful ads for your readers.

2, Link Bucks

This is a great way to make money from your existing links. Your can replace links with their, and linked sites will apear with a small advertisement. It's different than other networks, because your reader don't have to click on "skipp advertisement" button, and they will see the linked site.

They also have a script to intall. You can customize everything! It doesn't pass PageRank of course.


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